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Pavcon.info  brings together all that is police aviation (including other rescue services) into one information and story based site gathering the best from Police Aviation News, Police Aviation Conference and Police Aviation Research. Running alongside and parallel to these sites, Pavcon.info will look into some of the people involved in the industry telling their story. The history of police aviation will also feature with quality images to support the stories.
PAvCon Europe The PAvCon event started in 2009 built upon three successful police aviation conferences undertaken by the same team in earlier years. Since 2009 PAvCon has attracted speakers from across the globe and subject matter has included; the laser threat, high rise building escape, major events, surveillance, innovation, tactics and a range of technical presentations. For the sake of continuity of thought, purpose and execution we have a core team that seeks to challenge established thinking and processes in bringing you a thought provoking two-days of discussion and networking. We are a team focused on the subject of law enforcement aviation. Our target market is middle and lower management planners and decision makers– the primary people who influence the final shape of the purchase.
Police Aviation News Police Aviation news is a monthly news journal for the airborne emergency services industry from PAR. Despite the title we cover news about every aspect of emergency services aviation, from air ambulance to fire to maritime patrol. A wide experience of law enforcement aviation in the United Kingdom and other countries enables PAR to maintain a close working relationship with the providers of law enforcement and emergency services aviation throughout the world.
Police Aviation Research Police Aviation Research [PAR] draws its strength from an extensive, unique, archive of material investigating the origins and development of law enforcement aviation, in all its many aspects, across the world and is able to authoritatively compare the difference in operating techniques and environment as they effect each different country in the period since operations were first noted in 1914. IPAR is able to work closely with customers to identify the exact field of interest and thereby produce results exactly matching the needs of the customer with unequalled value.
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